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My Tours are not Self Guided - they have Tour Leaders. How can I use your service?
People are coming to our site looking for a tour. They key in the location, and the site presents a list of available tours. They click on one that interests them and it shows them the route, duration, and highlights of the tour. This is where they would find your tours. In the description of your tour you would include details of how they should sign up for your tour.

So the only concern you may have is that you may lose some customers who decide they want to download the tour and do it themselves.
When you add a tour to our system, you decide how much the user has to pay to download that tour. So if you price it at the same price as your existing tour you should not lose any customers.

The interesting part is the price that you put on downloading the tour. If you price the download at the same value as your actual led tour, then you won't lose any customers from your existing business. However if you think there are two kinds of people in the world, those who enjoy the group experience, and those who prefer to go at their own pace, then you might think about offering the self guided tour at a lower price.

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TourGuide is FREE and available for Android, iPhone and iPad. All of the tours are Free to download.

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