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Bundeena Maianbar Art Trail

Bundeena Maianbar Art Trail

     Last Updated: 01 Oct 2021
A super walk added by John Muscat it's near Bundeena, New South Wales, Australia.
The Bundeena Maianbar Art Trail is a unique way in which to view art, art lovers have the opportunity to visit artist’s studio, talk to the artists, see their galleries and studios. Purchases of artwork can be made directly from the artists. The studios are open on the first Sunday of every month from 10am to 4 pm. Location maps are available on our website or pick one up from the many places in Bundeena and Maianbar. Look for the blue and white flags on display at all the open studios on the day. Visitors can drive to Bundeena and Maianbar from both ends of the Royal National Park without paying the park entrance fee or from Cronulla catch the ferry across to Bundeena. There are several cafes and BandB’s in Bundeena and Maianbar if you wish to make a longer stay.
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